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About Holyhead, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Holyhead, Gwynedd, Wales)

Holyhead is rarely billed as a specific holiday destination; however, it does enjoy a high profile on account of its status as a ferry port and as part of the Isle of Anglesey, which is a well established and popular holiday spot.

Visitors to Holyhead can enjoy the town's natural beauty and historic attractions while having access to a great selection of interests throughout Anglesey.

What to Do in Holyhead

Holyhead is not essentially a tourist hotspot, but its busy ferry port does bring a large number of visitors into the area. Passengers choosing to stay a day or so before or after their crossing can enjoy a modest selection of entertainment options, which includes golfing, sailing, fishing and hiking. The town has some great restaurants as well as bars, a theatre and a cinema.

Tourist Attractions

The town has a number of landmarks worthy of mention with the HMS Thetis Memorial among the best known; the structure commemorates the lives of those who died in the tragic accident that befell the HMS Thetis. Elsewhere, St Gwenfaen's Well and Tyger`s Memorial are also noteworthy attractions. Meanwhile, outdoor and nature lovers can take a trip to the RSPB Nature Reserve South Stack, where sights of some of the country's finest birdlife are available in a scenic and tranquil setting.

For a spot of culture, pay a visit to the Ucheldre Arts Centre, where art exhibitions, craft displays and theatre workshops are all part of the agenda and can be experienced in a building that was originally the convent chapel for the Roman Catholic order of nuns. Travel a little farther into greater Anglesey and find an area with a solid tourist infrastructure, offering sandy beaches, historic castles and a variety of areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Holyhead Port

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